Volunteer to help throughout the season or at one of our special events. Would you like to help the board perform very necessary duties? Are you interested in serving on the board?  All board members volunteer their time.   Contact us using the form below:

Current Board Members:              

Shirley Vargas, President

      Gerald Grayson, Vice President           Prem Katyal, Treasurer 

Sara Lefkowitz, Events Coordinator

Lois Shewchuk, Collections

Toby Abel, Asst. Treasurer

Jonathan Carroll, Trustee

Questions? Contact:

liens/selling?-             graysonarb@gmail.com

payment/billing           lshewc@aol.com

social events -             saracindy1958@optonline.net 

lifeguards/cpo-           hhswimlifeguards@gmail.com

ads/webmaster -        info@hhprc.club

maintenance/staff -   info@hhprc.club

capital improvement

concerns/suggestions - om13079@aol.com