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2020 payments are 700.00 late fee applies after March 31st.

Home liens - preventing and removing them​:

If you let a lien on your home linger, be forewarned: You could face foreclosure, or at the least be delayed from selling or refinancing. Here's what you need to know:

Half Hollow Hills Edition of
"What's Happening on Long Island"

How was our club improved last season?

  1. New playground areas for our children                            4.  Pump room technology and plumbing upgrades

  2. Kitchen remodeled and updated                                       5.  Kiddie Pool sealed, recoated and newly painted

  3. Employee and Kitchen Shed completely renovated

 The Huntington Hills Swim and Racquet Club is open every day during the summer months and has 3 to 4 lifeguards on duty at all times.
 Please check our home-page for our hours of operation and also preview our special social events .