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Welcome to the Huntington Hills Swim & Racquet Club

We are located in Strathmore Hills in Melville, NY. The HHPRC is a private club accessible to 252 homes within the neighborhood via deeded ownership. Our shared recreational property provides family enjoyment during the spring and summer months and lends itself as an extension to our homes. The club is managed by our current elected board members who volunteer their time and talents in order to ensure that our families enjoy time with their families, neighbors, and friends. Each year our grounds provide members the opportunity to relax by our pools, enjoy our playground, tennis or basketball courts as well as, partake in the many events we offer each season.


Current Board Members of the Huntington Hills Swim & Racquet Club:

  • Shirley Vargas, President

  • Prem Katyal, Treasurer

  • Toby Abel,  Asst. Treasurer/Secretary

  • Sara Lefkowitz, Events Secretary

  • Lois Shewchuk, Collections

  • Ken Gold, Trustee 

  • Jeff Prince, Trustee

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